Can an Automotive Service Franchise Leverage Article Writing Online?

Although retired now, it has occurred to me that back in the day when I ran a mobile automotive service franchising company, that had I been an online article writer at the time, I could have completely dominated the market and my competition in finding new franchisees. Hindsight is 20/20 of course, and back then, well, I just didn’t know this. Oh sure, I knew that if you wrote articles for trade journals you could get business or find franchise buyers, but writing online articles and posting them to the top online article directories never really crossed my mind.You ask; “why not, it’s a no-brainer!” Indeed, but before 2000 there were not any major online article websites, mostly only Press Release sites or digital content providers to the printed publications. In any case, I was talking to another franchisor founder not too long ago, and I mentioned this to him. He too sells franchises which provide an automotive industry type service to consumers and car owners, mostly custom and high-end cars in fact. We also discussed search engine ranking as his competition clearly out ranks him on many of his chosen key words.You know, I told him; “the age of your website is a huge important part of rankings. I have “many” that are 1996-1997 vintage websites which still rank well.” I also explained to him that high quality incoming links are also important. High quality links as in high-traffic and websites that already rank very high. Incoming relevant links help too. One idea I told him is to write online articles about his auto-services niche and link the bylines to your website.Now then when it comes to articles, there are many things which can be done, such as posting 20-30 blog posts on the automotive website, and write 100 articles with high-value links from article sites. This would greatly aid in out-performing his competitor’s website in the search engines. I think this could help him beat his nemesis competitor, it’s a very pleasant experience to win in that way. Hey, what would Ronald Reagan do; “Oh, I have a plan alright – We Win, They Lose! – end of plan,” with regards to the cold war.The reality is that whether a franchising company has 100 franchisees or 10,000 online article marketing makes sense, and it is truly amazing to me, that so many people cannot see this obvious factoid. Please consider this opinion, as a former franchisor founder, turned online article writer in retirement for fun and intellectual pursuit.